Winter 2010-2011
March 16th Leader and Twisp's last day at Mountain Home

In Seattle, being prepared for their flight to England, March 17th

Over in London, they had to be checked through customs

After the official formalities, they got to hang with new friends and new toys in their new country!

Leader and Twisp seem to be settling in great

Leader and Twisp's owners, Ian and Aimee visited Mountain Home during the first week in March
Here are a few pics

Some of the gang, just relaxing
Klondy Playing on the pile of snow
Leader Twisp
Deja Chilly and Klondy Hanging out in the sun

Out on the trails
Sunny and Skipper in lead Twisp and Leader
Abbie and Chilly in lead

Chilly Skipper in lead

Stealth and Klondy


Twisp and Leader

Skipper in lead Klondy

Stealth and Klondy Around the dog trailer

Once in a while I even break out my cross country skis-
With my ancient equipment and marginal skills, it borders on suicidal
Me and Chilly skijoring

February 2nd, it's Groundhog Day
It's Groundhog Day
Twispxsutauney Phil definitely saw his shadow, meaning 6 more weeks of winter!!!
Stealth in point on Sues team

-Mix and Match-
The dogs don't necessarily run on the same team
or in the same position every day


Baby it's cold outside!
Our chilly spell during the first part of January, 1 degree F was the daytime high temperature
Klondy and Stealth

But working or playing, our frosty friends don't mind! It's Malamute weather!
Twisp and Leader

Klondy Chilly

Twsip Stealth and Klondy

 Leader and Twisp Twisp

Twisp and Leader Klondy

Klondy Cheer and Summit in lead

Leader Skipper and Sunny in lead

Happy in lead Leader

Chilly Twisp and Leader Twisp and Leader

 Deja Leader
We took our neighbors Leah and Denali for a dog sled ride    ...thanks Kenny for the pics!

The dogs received a proper thank-you from 3 1/2 year old Denali


Back at home   ...W h o a!

Thanks to everyone for the recent photos that you've sent!

Joy and Pat
Joy and Pat at Rally Obedience class

Java enjoying life as the pamered pup!
Java and Mary Java Mary and Nancy
Java and Mary Ian and Java
Java with her new family, Mary and Ian

Mocha and Phil

Salem and Lara

April and Joy
Pat's girls, April and Joy   
Skaya and Rod Kayla Teresa and Akira
Skaya and Rod          Kayla, Teresa and Akira

April April and Joy
April and Joy

Akira Teresa and Kayla Akira
Akira and Kayla, with Teresa on a snowshoe expedition

Skaya Skaya

Mocha and Phil
Mocha's first skijoring trip

Klondy Leader
Klondy and Leader

Salem Salem

Chilly Klondy
Chilly and Klondy

Leader Twisp
Leader and Twisp

Stealth and Leader Klondy
Stealth and Leader,            Klondy

Leader, Java, Stealth and gang

Chilly Twisp
Chilly and Twisp

Stealth and Leader
Stealth and Leader

Twisp and Klondy,             Mocha

Evening puppy feeding
Preparing the evening meal for the pups

Klondy and Deja Twisp
Klondy and Deja,            Twisp

Salem on a WTD excursion on Alaska's Eklutna Lake and in her chair on the porch

Leader and Twisp

Chilly and Leader

Lara and Salem
Lara and Salem

Chilly and Deja
Chilly and Deja

Mocha Twisp
Mocha and Twisp (oh no, the beaver gene?!?)

Twisp Leader

Gemma  Fredrik Gemma and Titan
On the trail in the Kebnekaise Mountains of Sweden where Gemma finished her WTDX title during Easter week

Fredrik Gemma and Titan  Marit and Tuisku
Gemma and Titan with Fredrik   &   Tuisku with Marit

Skaya  Skaya
Skaya helped pack in supplies to Rod and Tannis' cabin in late April

Skaya at the cabin  Skaya
A four hour hike in to reach pure solitude in remote British Columbia, Canada

Casper Mountain  Charger
Charger and Bert hiked in to their cabin on Casper Mountain in Wyoming May 7th to find 3 feet of snow still on the ground

Granite says to heck with being a snow dog
...he'd much rather lounge beside the swimming pool!

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