The dogs' playground- FUN FOR ALL SEASONS!

Our dogs have spacious 20' x 20' kennels but they also have daily
 access to a bigger fenced play and exercise yard~

And their other play area - our new Agility field, completed July 2013!

Everything is still fluorescent green in early June
Thurston, Skipper and Jake

10 year old Dino, playing like a puppy

A lovely Indian summer day
Autumn's splendor
It may be the dog days of summer, but cool canines know how to beat the heat!

"Alright, who dropped the bone in the pool???"
Jake Stealth Deja
Jake says he'll *fish* it out
Jake and Deja

All the snow from between the kennels gets plowed out into the play area,
making a HUGE pile that the dogs love to climb on

Skipper, watching us coming back from out on the sledding trail
Skipper watching us from a distance

Skipper, keeping his eye on us as we get closer to home :-)

Roy and a few of our gang, enjoying a beer and a game of fetch on a hot July afternoon
The dog's playground
Roy and dogs