"Sunny" Mtn Home's Spring In The Air, WLD, ROMWD
(Mtn Home's Aerodynamic Jet, WTD, ROMWD x Mtn Home's Special Agent, WTD, ROMWD)

OFA#: AM-11406E34M-PI (Excellent)   CERF#: AM-2078/2009-104   ChD#: AMCA-11,791   
DNA Test for Polyneuropathy: Clear (Homozygous normal)   AKC DNA Profile#: V332736
He's 25" and about 95 lbs.   "Sunny" has been DNA Tested Clear of the long coat gene
"Sunny" is the proud sire of American, Canadian and Austrailian Champion and major pointed offspring as well as Agility, Obedience, Rally, CGC, TT titled and working sled and pack dogs! Photos of some of his puppies

Sunny's Pedigree
Sunny at 9 weeks  Sunny
"Sunny" at 9 weeks and at almost 3 years

February 2008

"Sunny" running single lead on a 9-dog team, March 2009

On the trail

Sunny up front

Cheer Sunny and Summit
Very Good Buddies :-)
"Sunny" lives with his brother "Cheer" and his half brother "Summit"

"Sunny" is exceptionally friendly and athletic

On the Twisp River trail
Focused on the trail ahead. "Cheer" and "Sunny", 5 year old littermate brothers

"Sunny" (above and below) at almost 4 years old

"Sunny" (above and below) February 2008, at almost 7 years old

"Sunny", at age 2 1/2, playing in the yard

"Sunny", at the Sno-Park, anxious to get out on the trail

Sunny and Skipper in lead

"Sunny", still running lead at 10 years old!

Rest break in the winter sunshine
Hey Sue, did you have to stop us here with the bright sun in our faces???

March 6th Sunny up front
A good dog team *begins* with a good lead dog!