Raissa's girl "Sister"
U-UD, MACH Mountain Home's Goldsmoke, UDX2, HIT, Can CDX, WWPD, WLD, TDI, CGC, CGN
(Mountain Home's Raven Ridge, WTDX, WPD x Mtn Home's Hot Spiced Cider, WTD)

Raissa and "Sister" have been an incredible team in whatever they have attempted together from just being pals doing family things, to obedience, agility, sledding and weight pulling . "Sis"is the first female Alaskan Malamute ever to earn the Utility Dog Excellent title in obedience and she did it with absolutely phenomenal scores! She then went on to earn a UDX2 by qualifying an incredible 20 times! "Sis" is also just the 3rd Malamute in breed history  to earn the Master Agility Champion title!

Are we proud to be "Sister's" breeders? You betcha we are!! But the real credit goes to her dedicated owner/trainer and pal Raissa. A heartfelt THANK YOU to you Raissa!!
Sister UDX2 !!!


Raissa's girl Sister
Raissa and Sister
Sister doing the weave poles in agility
Raissa and Sis
Sister's Pedigree
Here's a link to her home at Arcticdawn Kennel