Litter Born May 15, 2010
at Mountain Home ~ 1 Boy! and 7 Girls!
Jake and Stealth's pups Page 2
9 Weeks Old!
  The puppies have begun to 'trickle away' to their new families
We're going to miss them!

Everyone is asking   "So, who are you keeping???"
 Introducing our girl, Klondy
or more formally- Mtn Home's Daughter Of The Gold Rush
(named after Klondy Nelson,the author of a book called Daughter Of The Gold Rush)

Plus we'll have Twisp and Leader here for the next 8 months
until they are ready to join Ian and Aimee at Packice Malamutes in the U.K. !

A beautiful summer day, not too hot, not too cold   ...just right
We are practicing some new skills today, AGILITY!

So the puppies must listen to the instructions
They all listen attentively!    Well, most of them <g>   

They're such a great bunch!

The puppies are oblivious to their 'forest friend' watching them from near their pen

Overlooking some of the big guys in the play area

Making tracks down Malamute Road on a windy afternoon

Back home to ice cold 1 pound bones for each puppy
Makes crate training a pleasure!

After an unusually cool spring, summer has now arrived at Mountain Home is July after all !!!


It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks, so I've been remiss in updating pics
The pups have gone places, they've met lots of new, friendly people
And we're working on other things such as crate training small task with 8 puppies <g>

Here's a little peek into our world ~
Twisp and Leader at 6 weeks

Hanging out in the grass at 5 weeks old

Stealth wondering if she dares go in with the 'piranha teeth'  ...aka puppies

of course she does after all !

32 days old! This afternoon, the puppies are sleeping in their dog house
I woke them up to take a couple of pics, but they soon went back to sleep
Aspen and Douglas Fur          Willow and Timber

So, does 'normal people's' laundry look like this?!?

The pups are still sleeping inside at night
One of their potty breaks at 2 a.m. ~ Imprinting on them that outside is the place to 'go'

4 weeks old!
They've started staying out in the puppy pen during the daytime

Finally, some spring-like weather!
23 days old and the pups spent a couple hours outside

Mealtime is always great, outdoors or indoors

Already! 3 Weeks old!
Java says "Wow! Was I really that small just 9 1/2 weeks ago?"

We're practicing obedience <g>
Down,   Stay      VERY good puppies!!!

Birch, Timber, Douglas Fur, and Aspen

Maple, Cedar, Willow and Spruce

20 Days old! The gang is getting BIG!

'It takes a village!'
Stealth supervises from  the couch while Grandma Cruiser plays babysitter

17 Days old!
The pups have their eyes open and are becoming much more active

It's a little bit messy, but they are eating mushy puppy food!

Grandma Cruiser has been *helping out* since the very first day

13 Days old!
Willow, Birch, Cedar, Aspen, Douglas Fur, Maple, Timber and Spruce
Quite the crew Stealth has to look after!

Stealth and family, 11 Days!

The gang at 8 Days!

1 week old!

2 Days Old
Stealth is being a fabulous mother!
With Stealth's love for *all things wooden* (beaver gene)
we felt that the puppies should have appropriate names...

We introduce the girls- Cedar (sable pup with no collar), Aspen (orange collar), Willow (pink collar),
Timber (yellow collar), Birch (green collar), Maple (purple collar) and Spruce (blue collar)
and the boy- (black pup with no collar) Douglas Fir  (Fur )

1 Day Old
Stealth taking to motherhood in typical *Malamute style* !
The stork arrived early Saturday morning with a full load of puppies!
1 Boy! and 7 Girls!
(1 Sable & white, 2 Gray & white, 5 Black & white)
Stealth is resting while Jake is busily passing out cigars!

Jake and Stealth's pups Page 2

Jake     Stealth
   Stealth     Jake
Jake             Stealth
Jake          Stealth
Jake               Jake
Stealth and Jake  Stealth and Jake
Jake and Stealth  Stealth and Jake

Mountain Home's Jake Frost, WTD, WPD, ROMWD x Mtnhomes Runnin In The Shadows, WTD, WPD, ROMWD
OFA#: AM-12762G51M-VPI (Good)
OFA#: AM-12764E26F-VPI (Excellent)
CERF#: AM-2668
CERF#: AM-2776
ChD#: AMCA-13306
ChD#: AMCA-14157
AKC DNA Profile#: V472947
AKC DNA Profile#: V557844

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